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(For All Servers, no Courage) DDTank2-Luck O Dice~30% discount(4.22)

1.DDTank2-Luck O Dice~30% discount(4.22)

Luck O Dice~ receive handsome rewards by rolling the dice!!

Earl's welfare, dice 3 discount;
1. Everyone will receive one free roll a day!
2. If you are feeling lucky, you may purchase dices for additional roll!!!
There are a total of three types of dice(s) you can purchase:
(1) For 40 coins, you can get 2 dices to roll.
(2) For 45 coins, you can get a dice that will only result in 1-3.
(3) For 45 coins, you can get a dice that will only result in 4-6.
3. For 10 coins, you can refresh the prizes.
4. You will earn dice points from rolling the dice. The more times you roll, the more points you get!

1. All items from Dice are bound.
2. Must be  lvl 5 or above to participate.

2.DDTank2-Ant Miner(4.23-4.25)

It is said that the miners have discovered new resource spot, and they have dilivered the new ores to the Queen Ant. And rumor runs that this new spot is producing "Enhance Stone" too. Just come to discover them!

To finish Ant boatyard map to get "Enhance Stone"

1. Rewards for Easy "Ant Cave":  Ice Bead x1;
2. Rewards for Normal "Ant Cave": Ice Bead x3;

3.King's Chicks!(4.23-4.25)

"In the night with no moon, unknown thieves sneaked into the palace barton and stole our king's chicks."---Earl Eggy; Hurry up warriors, save the innocent chicks!

To finish "Normal" or "Hard" difficulty "Run Run Chicken" will get warriors rewards;


1. Rewards for Normal "Run Run Chicken": Ice Bead x1, Energy Stone x15;
2. Rewards for Hard "Run Run Chicken": Ice Bead x3, Energy Stone x20;

4.DDTank2-Weapon evolution, Fortification Rewards(4.22-4.24)

The DDTank2 armory has been ask to offer support to fortification of DDTank2 warriors! That`s your chance to be stronger with prizes and rewards, do it now!

During this time,  DDTank players who have enhanced any equipment to  8, 9, 10, 11, 12 will recieve huge rewards! Higer enhanced,  richer rewards received!


1. For successful fortification to level 8, you will get: Devil Bracelet x1(7Days);
2. For successful fortification to level 9, you will get: Random Weapon Piece x10, Devil Bracelet x3(7Days);
3. For successful fortification to level 10, you will get: Ice Bead x2, Random Weapon Piece x20, Devil Bracelet x5(7Days);
4. For successful fortification to level 11, you will get: Ice Bead x3, Random Weapon Piece x30, Devil Bracelet x7(7Days);
5. For successful fortification to level 12, you will get: Young Blue Ant(4);

5.Discount for Energy Stone in shop(4.22-4.25)

Period for discount during event time in Shop.

Energy Stone x1/52 coins;

6.Archangel's Blessing-☆ Angelic Arm(4.23-4.25)

Angelic Arm+12 plus Ice bead x20 can exchange ☆ Angelic Arm+1 (7Days) x1


☆ Angelic Arm+1 (7Days) x1

7.Shop Extravaganza-Ice bead(4.23-4.25)

The shopping extravaganza starts now! Who will be the biggest winner?

In the event duration, to have one-time top up reaching certained amount would get you abundant rewards! The more you buy, the more you will get! Top up now!

To make one-time spending to the amount of 300 Coins during the event, you will get: Ice bead x4;

All changes are subject to the updates in game. We reserve the right for the final explanation. Thanks for your understanding!

the rewards for forti event are get worse.  Random Weapon Pieces, 4 star ant  YIPPEE do da.
try raising success rate in Metallurgy would help. i think random cards are better reward than Random Weapon Piece...


Reply 2# Cannistars

Thanks for your suggestions, we will considerate it. Have a nice day!


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