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FAQ:Labyrinth and Spirit

Q: What is labyrinth?
A: Labyrinth a 30-level-deep dungeon with enemies to defeat on each level. Once a DDTanker reaches level 30, the labyrinth will be unlocked.

Q: How come the labyrinth shop is locked?
A: The labyrinth shop will be unlocked in future update.

Q:  Can I exit the labyrinth menu and enter another match or go into the boatyard while continuing to run raids?
A: No, you will have to wait until the current raid is over before performing other tasks. However, you do have the option to “speed up” the raid.

Q: What if I force exit in the middle of a labyrinth run?
A: That will be considered as a failed labyrinth run. You may resume the challenge by clicking on the labyrinth building and paying a small fee to revive.

Q: What if I start the labyrinth today and exit, will I be able to resume tomorrow?
A: Yes if you exit normally you will be able to continue the next day and it will not affect your one attempt for the next day.

Q: How come I can’t resume my labyrinth run from yesterday?
A: If a DDTanker reaches their personal highest level of labyrinth, resuming the day after will not be available.
EX: Player A's personal best is reaching level 10 of labyrinth, and Player A reaches level 10 and exit. Then they will not be able to resume to that level tomorrow.

Q: What is Spirit Pill?
A: Spirit Pill can be used to upgrade your spirit.

Q: What is Spirit?
A: Spirit is the latest feature in DDTank. This feature unlocks when your character reaches level 30. You may upgrade the spirit of face, eye, set and decoration with this feature.

Q: Which attributes can we upgrade with the spirit feature?
A: You may upgrade offense, defense, agility, luck and health. The higher the level of the spirit, the more you can upgrade.  Stay tuned for more in the future.

Q: Will I lose my upgrade level if I switch out the equipment?
A: Spirit upgrade attaches to the slot, instead of to individual equipment. You can switch out your equipment and still enjoy the bonus.

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CHECK #937516 and 259085 and #569744
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