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TY admin  like that the game will be more real
now G.M can you tell me please how to top up using Zong ? i can't find my country (Tunisia) to i can top up

IGN: aloui
server :TYCHE
and thx ^^
OMG WHATS A COST!!! massacree...
G.M i can't find my country to top up  ! why ? it's '' tunisia '' me and my freinds waiting to open for this country plz answer and thx
G.M plz we  need ZONG too
GM. i'm from Philippines  i was wondering  the number 5 picture do not appear after i click  the "buy with mobile" with corresponding amount chosen? Is  Zong not yet available in Philippines?
Good Job , Admin
You Added  Zong ? But only for philippines? WHY JUST PHILI?
Perù added to the service please
Reply 38# axelljl

    Thank you for your suggestion, we will think it over carefully.
why isnt zong for new zealand..!!!!
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