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FAQ: How to TOP UP with ZONG!

If you don't know how to use ZONG, please follow these steps:
1. Login your account via www.ddtank.us, if you are the Facebook user, please choose the "Login with Facebook";
2013-7-12 12:55

2. After you login the game, click the button "Buy Coin";
2013-7-12 12:55

3. After open the paymeny page, choose the "ZONG";
2013-7-12 12:55

4. Choose denomination;
2013-7-12 12:55

5. Input your cellphone number;
2013-7-12 12:55

hey G.M.
why only zong for philippines?

This is unjust for the people of LatinAmerica
We too want Zong -_-

2013-7-12 13:22

thanks for your attention
Why zong  only philippines?

why not indonesia?
Why zong isn't avaliable for other countries but philipines? This is so unfair for the people who love this game...
dear ddtank team plz put pakistan option in zong plz i want to renew my expir thing plz do something for us becoz not any other way to buy coin from pakistan plz do some thing for us plz
yeah also in the philippines,thats unfair.....put zong in the other countries like us in the italy.....
useless, who whould buy such that coins

zong in old
50 pesos = 298c
zong now
200 pesos =338c?

LOL GM. Stupid conversion
why ZONG only for PHILIPINES !!!! we need it too for all countries it's unfair   think about the others plz and reply .... GM
Don't worry, we will open other country later.
why the fucking zong is gone GM
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