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DDTank 4.2 Version Update Introduction!

DDTank 4.2 Version Update Introduction!
1. Game interface
2. Pet system
3. VIP Optimization
4. Cards system optimization
5. Enhance system optimization
6. Pearl system optimization
7. Task system optimization
8. Practice system optimization

Updates include:

Removed! Payment Mail System and Auction House System.

2. New! Pet System: Available at level 25. The pet system includes 2 parts: pet and farm. Pets can join sports fights and dungeon battles and can increase your character’s attributes.
1). Pet attributes include: Attack, Defense, Health, Agility, Luck, and combat abilities. Enter Farm to adopt a pet from the Adoption Center. View your pet information in Pet System via your bag and perform tasks such as rename, feed, fight, recall, etc.
2). Farm: Various crops can be grown and harvested for pet food.

3. Added! Returning Player Event: Level 25 or higher players who have been offline for 30 days will receive rewards and benefits for logging in during the event.
1). All expired gears on you character will be renewed for 30 days. Players lower than level 50 will also gain 1 level.
2). Returner Pack: Simply log into the game to complete the returner quest. Rewards include: EXP Pill, VIP Trial Card, Double Glory, Free Retry, Free Card Flipping, etc.
3). Returners exclusive quest: Finish the quest to obtain bound coins, EXP, gold, and other rewards.
4). Returning players who join a guild after returning and finished the exclusive guild quest will receive additional rewards.
5). Players who team up with returning players will receive 1x EXP bonus.

4. Improved! VIP System:
1). Existing VIP level will be converted according to the new calculation of “10 EXP points per level”.
2). Added VIP daily gift, which can be obtained through “Sign In”.
3). New VIP benefits include: bound coins limit increased, EXP bonus for battle, EXP bonus for enhancement, additional 1-click completion opportunities, better rewards, VIP coins, discount on card-flipping in dungeon, accelerate the opening of Angelic Jar, no deduction of Glory for defeats, weekly VIP gift, unlock Boss fights, fifth pet skill slot, free plant helper, free Mainland's Blessing, etc.
4). Modified VIP growth: Every10 coins spent will equal to 1 VIP EXP point (no EXP gained at max VIP level). EXP will not be lost when VIP expires. You will continue to gain EXP for spending but will not enjoy VIP benefits.

5. Improved! Card System:
1). New Spirit System! You can receive some spirits each time you open a card box. Spirits can be used to upgrade card slot (card slot is currently level 40).
2). All secondary card are unlocked by default. Each card has a card slot that can be upgraded by using card spirits. Place a card into a slot to obtain its attribute.
3). Each card has 3 grades: gold, silver, and copper. Each time you open a card box, you have a chance to receive a copper card and have a chance to upgrade your current card to silver or gold.
4). Upgraded cards will be converted to spirits based on card EXP (existing attributes will remain unchanged). Existing cards will be converted to corresponding copper cards.

6. Improved! Fortification System:

1). Fortification is changed from odds-based to EXP-based upgrades. Accumulated fortification EXP is affected by basic fortification value, guild bonus, and VIP bonus.
2). A new Energy Stone will replace the current Lv.1-5 Energy Stone (Existing Lv.1-5 Energy Stone can still be used).
3). Divine Amulet is removed. Existing Divine Amulet can be exchanged for Amulet during corresponding event.

7. Improved! Quest System:
1). Added “Instant Complete”. Click to finish the quest instantly. This function is available 3 times a day.  VIPs have more depending on their VIP levels.
2). Added “Increase Reward” for daily quests. Each quest reward can increase to 5 stars, but no limit on the “Increase Reward” feature.
3). Removed “Legendary Coin” quest. Obtained coins will be converted to bound coins (the exchange rate is 1:200).

8. Improved! Elite Match:
1). New Elite Match reward is displayed for your convenience.
2). Elite Match has been changed to 2 brackets: Lv.30-39 and Lv.40-60.

9. Improved! League Contest:
League contest reward has been changed to 3 brackets:  Lv.20-29, Lv.30-39, and Lv.40-60.

10. Improved! Practice System:
1). Practice system unlocks at Lv.30.
2). Removed practice scrolls. Existing practice scroll will be converted to bound coins (the exchange rate is 3:1).
3). Practiced attributes must reach the same phase to proceed to the next practice phase. Currently, there are 6 phases: Lv.10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 (player’s current practice level will be kept).
For example: If Attack has reached Lv.20, then HP, Luck, Defense, and Agility must all reach Lv.20 before you can continue practicing Attack.

11. Improved! Shop: Added New Voucher, removed medal and old voucher shop (existing medal and old voucher will be converted to New Voucher (the exchange rate is: 3000 old voucher = 1 medal = 100 New Voucher).

12. Improved! Game Interface: Added Farm, Master-Apprentice Palace, Friend Center, and Practice Ground.

13. Increased! Character level limit raised from 50 to 60.

14. Changed! To avoid the abuse of items and imbalance of power, certain item combination have been adjusted.

15. VIP7 players can unlock the boss fight at Expedition Wharf by spending coins and challenge the dungeon boss directly (the cost differs based on the level difficulty).

16. Lv.1-15 players can use auto-guide at sports fight. Go to More -> Settings to toggle this feature.

17. Removed! Achievement System.
Players can log in and complete the achievement compensation quest to receive compensation.

18. Removed! Spa System and Dungeon Verification System.

19. “Sign-in” System is now available at Lv.3.

Cant wait~


having no auction house is a bit scary.  Trading is such a big part of the game & bringing people together.


Omg *------------*
We live in shadow's , when we don't want see the reality


but when ????


omahghad o,o
I am awesome o3o


tahe acution house was useful and we cant even trade coins anymore das lame~


tahe acution house was useful and we cant even trade coins anymore das lame~
xSora Posted on 2013-5-22 14:13

look at number 13

auction house is still there tho there are some changes.. TAX!!!!


Well awesome xD


what is the max voucher G.m


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