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Proficientcity - 2013 DDTank World Championship

2013 DDTank World Championship

The flame of war has been lit up again on the land of Proficientcity DDTank. Holding weapons in their hands, warriors do not hold back any longer! Proficientcity DDTank welcomes the 2013 DDTank World Championship.

The 2013 DDTank World Championship will be held on July 25th to 28th, 2013 at Shanghai CHINAJOY! All DDTank top masters from all over the world will gather there to raise to the PK challenge.

1. Application
To be fair with rules and regulations, this preliminary round of 1v1 will adopt the Elite Match system in the competition server. Applicants are required to reach the following requirements:
Character Required Level:≥40; Battle Rating Required Value:≥100000

Application Time:
From 2013-05-22 00:00:00 to 2013-05-26 23:59:59 (Game Time, GMT-7)

Application Address:

Application Format:
1) Character Name (Origin server);
2) Server Name;
3) Power;
4) Account;
5) E-mail Address;
6) Character State Screenshot;

Event Rewards:
The No.1 Player:
Guardian`s Wand (7Days, Bound) or Spartacus’ Trident (7Days, Bound) and S-Attribute Pearl: Harm Lv4 x1

The No.2 Player:
☆ Boomerang (7Days, Bound) or ☆ Spear  (7Days, Bound) or ☆ Undead Axe (7Days, Bound) or True Crazy Chick (7Days, Bound);

The No.3 Player:
☆ Boomerang (7Days, Bound) or True Crazy Chick (7Days, Bound);

The No.4 Player:
☆ Angelic Arm (7Days, Bound) or Guardian`s Book (7Days, Bound);

The No.5~16 Player:
Energy Stone Lv 5 x3, Amulet 25% x4, Junior Drill x32;

P.S.: Character’s name should be the same than in the original server. Applicants will not be qualified due to following conditions:
1) Application sent after the deadline;
2) Cannot meet our application requirements;
3) Providing wrong information of the application format
Notice: Only one position will be reserved for repeated applicants.

All eligible applicants will receive their account and password of the competition server in 1-2 days in e-mail. (We will send the e-mail with our official e-mail address: ddtank2support@proficientcity.com, please check the email carefully in case of any fraud; Any applicants providing a wrong e-mail address miss our email will be considered as of disqualification.

2. Competition Stage:
The Qualifying Time:
From 2013-05-30 18:30:00 to 2013-05-30 21:30:00 (Game Time, GMT-7)

Top 16 competition time:
From 2013-05-30 22:00:00 to 2013-05-30 24:00:00 (Game Time, GMT-7)

Eighth finals: 22:00-22:25;
Quarter final: 22:30-22:55;
Semifinals: 23:00-23:25;
Finals: 23:30-23:55;

Competition Rules:
The competition system will adopt the Elite Match system, players need to enter into the competition server before the competition time to get ready, and more detailed rules are listed as follow:
1. Point races: players will open rooms themselves, opening time is from 2013-05-30 18:30:00 to 2013-05-30 21:30:00 (Game Time, GMT-7); The top 16 competition race will be assigned by system, opening time is from 2013-05-30 22:00:00 to 2013-05-30 24:00:00 (Game Time, GMT-7).

2. Point races: start points for every players is 1000 points, each victory will add 10 points, each fail will reduce 10 points. In the same time, either victory player or failed player will gain time compensating points, and the highest time compensating points is 5 points. This point will be calculated when: 1). players are offline; 2). initiative quitting the race.

3. The top 16 players who win the point races will participate in the top 16 competition. The top 16 competition will run as single-elimination system, 25 minutes for each race. (If 25 minutes is expired with no ending, the victory will belong to the side who has a higher harm value).

4. The system assigning time for 16 people compete for 8 places、8 people compete for 4 places、Semifinals and Finals will be 22:00-22:25, 22:30-22:55, 23:00-23:25, 23:30-23:55 correspondingly. Before the race starts, all players should be ready to keep online in the game square. System will pop up an invitation frame on time for players, those who cannot get in in time will be considered as automatic abstained.

5. The final champion of the Elite Match race will gain the opportunity to participate DDTank World Cup game.

6. We’d like to suggest all players to obey the competition rules, and let’s create a good atmosphere for the compe
2013-5-24 10:42

Here is the participant list, please check it.
To all eligible competitors, in case of missing the contest time, please notice your mailbox!!
2013-5-28 16:35

Nice , i want that *-*


^_^ ^_^ ^_^


I'm so excited for that event

IGN: •coercion•
Server: gladiator


2013-5-18 03:01

maaf,,,ini sudah hari ke 5 season task,,item untuk task sudah terkumpul,,tetapi,,kenapa reward/kegunaanya tidak ada??
tolong kakak GM memperbaiki ini,,tolong perbaiki task season saya,,,

IGN: AgniDurga
Server: Daredevil

sorry,,,it's already the 5th day season task,,item for the task has already gather,,but why there's no reward/what is use for?
GM please fix it,,please fix my season task

IGN: AgniDurga
Server: Daredevil


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IGN : ◄もんきにすり► (Dark Castle)

Server : Empire

Power : 125458

Account : ◄もんきにすり►

E-mail Address : nivramnyt@gmail.com

Printscreen :


Reply 1# admin

Where do I apply? The ddtank2support@proficientcity.com?


G.M teach us how 2 apply for DDT Championship ^_^ ty



Last Edited by sling on 2013-5-22 12:53

when  will DDT 2 comes??


Character name: Kate06
Power : 55528
Account : Kate06
Email Add:

Print Screen:
2013-5-21 19:06


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