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G.M give me change name in ddtank
tyche:name 09294101030
sir / mom... can u back my name
server tyche
user 09294101030
back my name Just4loaD
no print screen O..O
i wanna see that bug
GM my problem is big problem .. please help me i swear i can't do anything
i forget my +12 weapon in mail list and it's destroyed . when i made convert my backpack was full and i got my weapon in mail list and i forget i'm really sorry but please help me
waiting for ur answer please
please answer me cuz i wanna play and i can't without my weapon
Whyi i can't get my account yet?
i gave screenshot BP pass new yahoomail for bounding characters
but it's already 5days still no reply or action :"(
2013-7-29 20:57

IGN: ♫outSIDer♫
Server: Daredevil

please fix it GM
2013-7-30 14:53

why i don't receive any replies????
it's been 7days already..
how about i give my email so you can check my account?
i registered on ddtank yoogames on 2011
i have prove here my yahoo account
how's about that D':
Last Edited by .Alice on 2013-7-30 16:44

2013-7-30 16:36

this is my character r now :"T
you can see it's IGN there..
im using my apprentance account to view her..
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