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I am a landscaper and tree mover that services the Greater Milwaukee Wisconsin Area. I specialize in Trees that are Semi-Mature to Mature. Here you will find some information on tree nurseries, what they are and what they carry. Different Tree Nurseries serve different purposes and specialize in different things. Like I mentioned I specialize in Semi-Mature to Mature Trees. Other Tree nurseries are designed to grow and take care of young trees; tree nurseries offer a broad assortment of trees from shade trees to flowering trees to fruit bearing trees. Many Tree Nurseries will operate differently. Some may essentially plant and grow their own trees and others will buy the majority of their trees from wholesalers or auctions as medium sized trees and grow them into larger specimens, and some do both. The Majority of tree nurseries operate for business purposes. They may either operate to trade with other plant nurseries at a wholesale rate, or they may offer trees to the general public at a retail price. Many Tree nurseries also bring in gardening supplies, garden tools, and organic supplies like manure and fertilizers. Nursery owners and employees generally are experts concerning what particular trees can grow best in your yard or garden. These people can give you recommendations on tree care and tree varieties. Different kinds and varieties of trees can be purchased from tree nurseries. Some tree nurseries specialize in evergreens such as Blue Spruce, Blackhills Spruce, Arborvitaes, and White Pines. Still other large shops offer wide variety of trees ranging from fruit trees to flowering trees to evergreens. If youre interested in flower trees that provide beauty to your flower garden, some popular choices are Red Dogwood Trees, Thornless Hawthorns, Cherry Trees, and Crabapples. Some rarer specimen trees that are popular are the China Snow Lilac, Weeping Spruce, Bald Cypress, and the Ginkgo Tree. So how do you differentiate a superior tree nursery from an inferior one You need to examine the trees. They should have large rootballs on them, generally the larger the better. Compare different tree nurseries and garden centers for the same size tree and spend most of your attention on the tree nurseries that give you the largest rootball. The rootball should be wrapped tightly in the burlap, if you try to pull on the tree, it should not move or sway in the burlap. The trees should appear to be free from diseases, well nourished and watered. The branches should be full of leaves with no dead spots. If all of the above criteria has been met; chances are the tree nursery is worth your business. On the other hand, if the trees have small rootballs or are poorly watered, they may not grow well, too. Tree nurseries are significantly booming today as more people are becoming aware of the importance of trees and other plants to help preserve the earths future.
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