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Please sir unlocked the bagpack password of my character in gladiator server. IGN ☼Thor☼ please help me! my items and weapon is expired in need to change it! T_T .. i dont know the password is, someone put a password on my bagpack after he/she hacked my fb account.
Reply 11# arcsonstyle

    we have unlocked the backpack password of you,  please check it.
nice for him... )':
nice for him... )':
.Alice Posted on 2013-7-30 13:31

Ikr, :"( he gets answered and I can barely get my verification of my account back from email T.T
so much people passing my level now ,,,,,
with support bagpack password please sir open my gladiator IGN sailenweh d Server, because I need to change it. characters, items and weapon.aku allow / please sir! I do not know the password, someone has made my bagpack password, after he / she hacked my FB account
My account is hacked i dont know fcvk im loyal this game my account is lvl 31 10k pow +9 pleae back my Char.Please fcvk .Name my Char is 40BEST2FIVE04
Hey G.M fcvk my account is hacked ! please back damn im loyal this game name my char is 40BEST2FIVE04 .K3von Hacked My Char .! shes lvl 42 55k pow she say finish my task but she change pass
What is a advanced password
GM sir please help me remove password bagpack IGN sailenweh SERVER gladiator, because someone has to change!!!!! me trouble playing this game that I enjoy doing, transform items, characters and weapons .... please GM once again to remove the password...
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    pareho pala tayo
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