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dear GM,

  ill be greatful if u wanna reply my thread,, hope u could understand what the customer want,, im asking about few unbalance on ddtank2-3, im happy before because of significant improvement at all things in this game since last play 2011,, but this unbalance dramatically seen when im back on 2017, on 2011 im ever sent this but no reply,, while im asking about how can every item sells using coin,, not every player can buy coin coz not every player have good financial,, im from indonesia,, every ddtanker's in my region take a choice to stop playing coz of this problem,, they cant top up theirs acc with coins every time,, worth almost all of them and me actually ,, never purchase coins all of time,, we have same problem"financial",, then voucher items ,, cannot help us much,, we cant gain voucher to renew important item ,, many quest which only give us some voucher only,, so we cant renew our expired item directly, im sure every old player back,, any payment items expired also waiting and some of us have no money to pay all that items,, now,, extremly worst,, everything on this game also using coins,, energystone, outfits,totem,closets,rings, pet, mount, etc. please,,, we love this game,, its hard to play without coins,, hope u can do someting to balance this game for every players who cant top up theirs acc because of "FINANCIAL PROBLEM"

thank you, blessful

indonesian player
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    still no respon
i cant access my account!! help me please. is the daredevils server not working?
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