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Good day Sir/Madam

I just want to delete my secondary password because I forgot the 2nd question in deleting password though i know the answer for the 1st question cause its my birthday i still cant delete my secondary password because my second answer is wrong.. thank you hoping for your immediate response..

Server: Daredevil
Name: YellowFlashâ„¢
Bday: 07/11/89
current secondary pass: 429519
Hye GM can you send me Weapon Dragon Spear +12 please..
Sever GULU  MY League Pinoy Tayo My name At DDTank II : eoneey
helo GM can u help me....gift me weapon 2 star plzzzzzzzz
i hope u can help me
I received a letter from the big chickens and when I open it I do not have it is not fair and I won  ...
maiconc Posted on 2013-8-5 02:57

    nub gm wont give anything to anyone,FOOL,maybe ur mind is upside down even if ure begging for coins or crying,its just nothing.
Reply 20# mark009

GM pliss give me voucher or energy stone 2000
just me and happy to the champions ddtank 2
ola GM min envia 10k coins pls ty abro por favor
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