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Hehe......it is not easy!!!

I recently bought cashU because you had it before. I was gonna top up today but there was no more option for cashU come on dont do this. that is the only way i can top up on the game here in my country
can u give me more choose to top up with UNIpin....????
coz i have a lot UNIpin but i cant use at here to top up...???
plisss thinking about it....

thx be4
is MOL available in your list??
for me MOL is pretty much easier way to buy coins. please make it available ^^
Hey G.M the Buy Coin is now Different So pls....... Help me to TopUp With FB coinz or Update the buy coin pls...... G.M
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    where is the "Click to PROCEED" in LOGING in ,in FB???
can i have a free coin
GM porfavor ponga el evento ya es la hora verdad el de laspiedras que puso ayer plisssss
agalo D:
dskgcaySr sy
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