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Top Up Event - Free Ice Cream! (2.9-2.11)

2013-2-7 11:30

Event Time:
From 2013-02-09 00:00:01 2013-02-011 23:59:59 PST

Hoo ha! The mighty ice cream is here! It is made from the best ingredients in the world and even endowed with magic! It can be used as a weapon to beat the most powerful enemy in a flash!

DDTank players who purchase coins will receive great rewards including the legendary Ice Cream and other items that rarely to see in game!


Top up 3000 Coins
Energy Stone Lv 3 x3
Random Weapon Piece x 2
☆ Emerald (7days bound)

Top up 9000 Coins
Energy Stone Lv 4 x1
Random Weapon Piece x6
☆ Emerald (7days bound)
Junior Drill x14

Top up 15000 Coins
Energy Stone Lv 4 x3
Random Weapon Piece x20
☆ Angel Eyes (7days bound)
Junior Drill x32

Top up 30000 above
Energy Stone Lv 5 x3
Random Weapon Piece x45
☆ Sacred Water (7days bound)
Junior Drill x70

Accumulated Rewards:

(1) Top up a total of 20,000 Coins will get:
Spartacus’ Murmillo Helmet (15days bound),  Coral (15days bound)

(2) Top up a total of 50,000 Coins will get:
☆ Angelic Arm (15days bound), Attribute Blessing Pearl x3

(3)Top up a total of 90,000 Coins will get:
☆ Ares' Guard (15days bound), Spartacus’ Muscle Armor (15days bound), DEF Blessing Pearl x5

(4) Top up a total of 115,000 coins will get:
Ice Cream (15days bound)

1、Single top up rewards are sent automaticly by system.
2、All items are bound.
3、Accumulative rewards can be claimed only once.

G.M can me succes +12 server Gladiator IGN= ♫•ANGELINA•♫


Last Edited by zukafuka on 2013-2-12 09:51

Last Edited by zukafuka on 2013-2-12 09:50

G.M , can my item back to me ?
my **medical kit . and angel eyes has been scam .
gladiators server !

this my IGN ℳℝ±ℙüℝℙℒℰ


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