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Subject: NOTICE [Print]

Author: admin    Online Since : 2014-4-14 17:33     Subject: NOTICE

Dear players:

Recently, some players have reported to us that they couldn't buy coins with their Characters. We checked and found that many of them use "&", "#" and other special characters to be their nicknames. We suggest you not to use the special characters to be your in-game-name, otherwise, you may not top up successfully. In this situation, the reminder will be usually showed as the following attachement.

2014-4-14 17:39

Image Attachment: Recharge.jpg (2014-4-14 17:39, 43.65 KB) / Downloads 0

Author: zambiqi    Online Since : 2015-8-25 16:01

Share event DD Tank Top up Promo Get Item Ingame
Periode event : 25 Agustus – 31 Agustus 2015
Info :
Author: SakiKane    Online Since : 2016-4-23 17:06

Nice info, thanks
may I ask how do top up voucher DDtank3 with unipin?
Author: Saymon55    Online Since : 2017-5-13 05:51

oi Tudo bem eu seu novo aqui
Author: Master7675    Online Since : 2017-5-19 09:29

Admin could you help me to reset BP password i tried forum , email and ticket but no answer please help I left the game from year and that happened !!!

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