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(For All Servers) Upgrading Pet(1.6-1.7)

1. Upgrading Pet(1.6-1.7)

Wanna transform with your pet battlers? Upgrade your pet to Lv.20+ to get a reward! During the event, upgrade any pet to Lv.20 to win awesome reward!

During the event, upgrading your pet to win reward.
1.Pet reaches Lv.15-24:
Energy Stone x15; Polar Bear x2
2.Pet reaches Lv.25-34:
Junior Drill x20; Polar Bear x5
3.Pet reaches Lv.35-44:
Practice Pill Lv2 x8; Polar Bear x7
4.Pet reaches Lv.45-54:
Spirit Pill x60; Polar Bear x10
5.Pet reaches Lv.55-59:
Defense Pearl x20, Crop A x20; Polar Bear x15
6.Pet reaches Lv.60+:
Pet Food C x100, Spirit Pill x80; Polar Bear x22
1.Rewards will be sent by mail after you reach the requirement;
2.You must reach your pet to required level during the event to receive rewards.

2. Discount in Artifact Pack-Poison Chick(5)(1.6-1.7)

There's a chance to get the best pet: Poison Chick(5), Ancient Dragon, Poison Chick(4), Energy Stone, Foods, Crops and Fertilizers.

Artifact Pack-Poison Chick(5)x1/235 Coins

3.PET in shop! (1.6)

Pretty Kitten x1/5190 coins
Chick(4 Star) x1/2290 coins
Young Blue Ant(4 Star)/2290 coins
Little Gulu(4 Star) x1/2290 coins
Green Bud(4 Star) x1/2290 coins

4. Planting Crops(1.6)

During this time,  DDTank players who plant any crop x12 in the farm will recieve rewards!

Plant any crop x12

Fallen Angel Pack x1, Polar Bear x2

5. Stealing Crops(1.7)

Have fun in labouring and stealing crops from your friends' farm! During this time,  DDTank players who steal crops from your friends' farm will recieve rewards!

Steal crops from your friends' farm

Polar Bear x1

6. Gulu Rumble War(1.6-1.7  20:30-21:00(server time))

Gulus hopping out ! Warriors, raise your absorber and join the Gulu Rumble War.

Enter the spa during the event and you can fight the Gulus to win points. The more Gulus you fight, the more points you'll get. Use these points to redeem gifts after the event ends.

Redeem rewards with points.

7. Pet Food Package A(1.6-1.7)

Period for discount during event time in Shop.

Open package can obtain: Polar Bear x5 and one of the: Pet Food A x10; Pet Food B x15; Pet Food Cx20; Thousand leaves x30


Pet Food Package A x1/590 coins

8. Pet Food Package B(1.6-1.7)

Period for discount during event time in Shop.

Open package can obtain: Polar Bear x1 and one of the: Pet Food A x3; Pet Food B x5; Pet Food Cx8; Thousand leaves x10

Pet Food Package x1/187 coins

9. 50% off-Ancient Dragon Package  in shop(1.7)

Ancient Dragon Package——There's a chance to get the best pet: Ancient Dragon, Young Red Ant, Briefcase, Shiny Green Bud, Foods, Crops and Fertilizers.

Ancient Dragon Package x1/290 coins;

10. Exchange Polar Bear(1.6-1.11)

Period for discount during event time in Shop.

1.Polar Bear x5 can exchange Evolution Stone piece x1
2.Polar Bear x50  can exchange Happiness Ring x1(7days)
3.Polar Bear x100  can exchange ☆☆·Dragon Tail Bamboo(5 days, can not be renewable)
4.Polar Bear x200  can exchange ☆Muramasa x1(15days)
5.Polar Bear x400 can exchange Angry Warrior x1(All attributes 25; 15Days)
6.Polar Bear x550 can exchange Pretty Kitten (4 star)x1
7.Polar Bear x 850 can exchange Boomerang x1(15days)
8.Polar Bear x 1099 can exchange Magic Snake (5 star) x1

11. Necklece Upgrade (1.6-1.7)

The Necklece upgrade plan from Minister of Armament.

(1)☆ Angel Eyes x1 plus Polar Bear x75 exchange: ☆ Sacred Water x1(7Days), Junior Drill x5;
(2)☆ Sacred Water x1 plus Polar Bear x92 exchange: ☆ Goddess' Tear x1(7Days), Junior Drill x10;
(3)☆ Goddess' Tear x1 plus Polar Bear x200 exchange: ☆ Ares' Guard x1(7Days), Junior Drill x20;

Each event could be completed once per day.

All change is subject to the updates in game. We reserve all the right for the final explanation.

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Periode event : 25 Agustus – 31 Agustus 2015
Info : http://www.unipin.co.id/events/read/id/736


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